Providing inline & roller skating classes + community events in Washington DC.

About Us

Our Instructors

About Skate Instructor Danny

Danny has been tirelessly providing skate instruction at the the learn to skate clinic over the past 20 some odd years and is pleasantly astonished by its revival.

About Skate Instructor Tim

Tim developed his precision skating skills as an avid slalom skater.

About Skate Instructor Nikita

Nikita has been skating since she was a kid and is an avid skate park, roller derby and street skater on roller skates.

About Skate Instructor Andrew

Andrew is a long time street skater and skate event organizer. He learned to skate on the streets of Manhattan and routinely led and managed group street skates with hundreds of participants safely. Andrew has been an active part of the sport for several decades and has skated thousands of miles over the years.

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