Providing inline & roller skating classes + community events in Washington DC.

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Located in Washington DC
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Located in Washington DC
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Skate Instruction in Rock Creek Park

Skate Instruction ( -- an outdoor skate school for inline and roller skaters -- will be offering weekly learn to skate lessons in Rock Creek Park starting April 2022. Programs include:

  • Beginner Group Lessons learn to skate and meet other DC area residents who also enjoy the sport.
  • Private Lessons fast track your skating skills with one on one sessions with a private instructor.
  • Trail Skating Group Lessons learn to skate safely on the scenic off-street trails and quiet streets in the metropolitan DC area.
  • Group Lessons for Kids develop your skating skills by playing fun games, for kids ages 6 and up.
Protective gear required -- with free loaner skates and protective gear available at the lessons.

Skate Instruction was formed in 2020 amid a surge of interest in outdoor skating as a COVID19 safe sport, with a 30 year history as a learn to skate clinic through the National Park Service in Rock Creek Park. Skate Instruction is proud to be supported by the Washington Area Roadskaters ( and the Salvation Army in Washington DC.

For more information, call lead instructor Andrew at 410-394-9483 or visit

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