Providing inline & roller skating classes + community events in Washington DC.

Skate Lessons

We're winding down for the 2022 season and are primarily offering free learn to skate lessons through the Washington Area Roadskaters website through October. We'll be back in the spring of 2023. Meanwhile, here are some instructors in our network:

  • Skate Instructor Nikita is available select Saturdays at our Rock Creek Park and Salvation Army locations.
    • She is a native roller skater and teaches both inline and roller skaters.
    • You can book a private lesson with Nikita via the green button below.
  • We also recommend Skate Instructor Malik:.
    • He is an inline skater and teaches both inline and roller skaters.
    • He is based out of the Anacostia Skate Pavilion
    • For students who have a strong preference, Malik has offered to teach at our locations.
    • You can reach Malik via his website, www.inlineSkate.Ninja.
One on one sessions with a skate instructor covering the topics of your choice and the pace you set.
Group lessons for beginner skaters. Covers the proper use of safety equipment, how to fall safely, basic stride, plus basic speed control and stopping.

A four week series to help develop your skills to confidently skate the numerous local trails and quiet streets in the metropolitan DC area.

Classes start the first week of each month and repeat every month. Classes can be taken in any order. Although not required, the beginner group skate lesson is the recommended prerequisite.

Maneuvering and turning skills for handling outdoor skating.

Stopping skills for handling outdoor skating.

Techinques for navigating various features found on local trails.

Techniques for taking on larger hills.

Group lessons for kids, ages 6 and up. Each lesson covers something new and something fun.


Salvation Army, Sherman Avenue Corps Parking Lot, 3335 Sherman Ave NW
Rock Creek Park, Carter Barron Amphitheater Parking Lot, 4850 Colorado Ave NW


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